Hospice Center and Wellness Center

“One of the most important things you can do on this earth is to let people know they are not alone.”

― Shannon L. Alder


A children’s Hospice and Wellness center for the Philippines

Adonai's Mercy House is raising the funds required to construct the Philippines only children’s hospice and wellness center.


Adonai's Mercy House Children’s Hospice and wellness center will provide care and support for babies, children and young people who have life-limiting and life-threatening conditions, enabling them to live life as fully as possible until they are called home. Adonai's Mercy House currently serves families throughout the Quezon City and Metro Manila locations, with education, Seeking financial assistance from government agencies, Medical care and support to families during their child’s life. We also help thru spiritual guidance, coming to terms helping to face the future with hope after the death of their child and throughout bereavement process.


Our goal is to build a hospice center and transitional home where these children are not surrounded by strangers in a large open room as they fight their perspective diseases. We hope to help bring a private, intimate setting with their families and friends, surrounded by love as they transition through their disease or in many cases to the next life. With your help we can bring Adonai's Mercy House™ to a reality.


As part of our international outreach services, we are collecting funds to build a children's hospice and transitional center that will allow us to offer a wider breadth of care to more of the estimated 2400 children who will pass away from their perspective disease every year. With each additional year bringing about 3,500 new cases of children being diagnosed with cancer. Of the 3,500 new cases, about 70 percent will be found to be in the later stages of the disease when a cure is no longer possible.  If by some small miracle the child can be helped, it is almost always with a very aggressive and costly treatment that most families could not afford.


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), cancer accounts for 8.2 million deaths globally. It’s also the third leading cause of death in the Philippines, next to heart attack and stroke. Nine people are diagnosed with cancer every hour, based on recent data from the Department of Health (DOH) and Philippine Cancer Society.


With the average wage in the Philippines being around $100 dollars a month ( for many about 4 dollars a day), and the cost of Cancer treatment on average upwards of $272 dollars a month, you can see why the abandonment of treatment is high at 80%.  bringing a tragic survival rate for cancer in the Philippines at less then 20%.


The hospice and wellness center will be built on a 5 acre plot of land about 3 hours away from Quezon City in Pangasinan and will provide a loving and caring atmosphere for Hospice and Palliative care for children and their families to connect with others facing similar challenges. It will be a ‘home away from home’ for children with life-threatening conditions, where they will be given the time and space to be children and not just patients.


The hospice building will offer a range of children’s palliative care services that are not currently available in the Philippines through the specialized and supportive setting of a children’s hospice, including:


• Delivery of 24-hour end-of-life-care.


• Post-death care, including transfer to funeral parlor and help with burial costs, bereavement counseling and family support.


• Overnight respite stays for children, giving them and their family’s valuable time to recuperate and recharge.


• Summer Camp for Terminally Ill Children. Every kid deserves an unforgettable experience — the chance to run, laugh and play with other children through a week-long summer camp session, children who are dealing with childhood cancer or other life threatening illnesses can experience those very things alongside other children and families who understand what they are going through.













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