“He who is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and He will reward him for what he has done.”

-Proverbs 19:17

What is Adonai's Mercy House all about.

Loving and supporting the impoverished, terminally ill children around the world.


Adonai's Mercy House  began with one simple goal: to help impoverished children in the Philippines who are sick with cancer and other life threatening childhood diseases to have a better way to cope with these horrible conditions, and to see all the children enjoy life to the uttermost until they are called home.


We have been working in the Philippines since 2012, but were formally organized as a 501 (c3) in December 2015. Our mission is to love the impoverished terminally ill children and their families, with the current focus on families living in the Philippines.


Unlike in the United States or other places, these parents have no access to healthcare insurance to cover all or part of the treatment costs. There are a few government healthcare “lotteries” they can sign up for, and these have been a blessing to every family, but even if they get selected it still is not enough. So, children are generally brought to the hospital only when it is extremely urgent and are in dire need of a blood or platelet transfusions (or some other procedure). Because of the backlog, they will still have to wait 3 to 5 days before the treatment starts.


It is during this waiting period that many of these families have the most urgent need. They do not have the ability to provide food for their child as they wait in the corridors of the hospital, the hospital does not have enough beds so they are reserved for the sickest children, the rest of the children sleep in the hallways and corridors and many families will have to go outside to beg passersby for anything to try and get enough to by a cup of rice or some other food to sustain the child, while they wait for treatment.


It is here we believe we are called to help these families. We started Adonai’s Mercy House, a Non-Profit Organization based here in the United States in December 2015. We desire more than anything to make a difference for these children and their families. We currently provide food, clean water, and help to pay for the hospital bills for treatments like blood and platelet transfusions, Chemotherapy treatment, food and medicine while they are being treated, and for many of these families we also provide help with burial costs.  We Also help them with finding financial assistance from government agencies and other organizations  and help them navigate the paperwork to get access to these facilities.


Since starting to provide these service over the last year we have lost nine children we support, but that support has changed the lives of all of these families. They are so grateful for Gods provision in their lives and their own hearts are ignited to help others as they themselves were helped. We know that more children may end up dying. But, that doesn’t deter us because God has laid this on our hearts and we are called to love, and leave the rest up to him.


What we found by talking to the families and Dr’s and Staff at The Philippines Children's Medical Center is that there is no Hospice Center for these children, our goal is to build a hospice center and transitional home where these children are not surrounded by strangers in a large open room as they lose their battle with cancer, or sent home to a house with no floor and no bed to sleep on. We hope to help bring a private, intimate setting with their families and friends, surrounded by loved ones as they transition through their disease, and in most cases to the next life.


This hospice center will be a place that takes in the children when there is nothing more the hospital can do, a place where the children can pass on with dignity, surrounded by loved ones. Where there is no burden on the families to worry about money or food, they can spend the last few days loving and spending time with their children. Something we all wish we could do if we were in their situation, just a little more time.


We are currently in Phase 1 of our goal to build this hospice center, we are looking for Donations of Land or Help with Purchasing land that will become the Hospice center, we are also looking at purchasing a small home as a transitional place for the children to stay as they are receiving treatment or as a recovery location after treatment.

Our vision for the Hospice Center is a place that is large enough for a three-story Hospice Center and transitional home, where we envision at least 30 rooms or more, that will be available for these children and their families who are nearing the end. A place where they can be with their families in a comfortable, safe environment with proper care and dignity of life.


On this property we would also have an Orphanage and transitional home for the many of the 1.7 million street children in the Philippines as we can help. We would focus on the abandoned and outcasts and offer them a home and teach them to farm, helping them to become educated. Giving them a hope and a future.


The food we grow would be used to feed these children and the terminally ill on the property, a cycle of life that would give so many hope where there is currently none.


Imagine the impact this would have for the terminally ill children and their families, with your help we can change the lives of these children,  bringing dignity and respect to so many before being called home.